There has always been a prophetic word spoken to her that God was going to use her.

She knew early on as a teenager that she was different. She spoke differently. She loved differently. She was a different kind of friend and partner. Not in decency or order, she was quite unorthodox and danced to the beat of her own drum. Maiesha, affectionately known as Mai, is still the same, only wiser and calmer. She’s very passionate about life, love, and happiness and fully understands that direction is better than speed.

Prior to entering chapter 40, a serious shift began to occur in her life where she felt more empowered than ever before, dancing to a more divine and anointing beat. After a rough year,  a close friend gave her a journal in December 2018 and he insisted she write down her short and long term goals for 2019.  One of her long term goals was to have a podcast and radio show.  Reflecting on her trials, tribulations, pain, failed relationships, tested friendships, a broken ankle that left her incapacitated, and a home invasion planted a seed  in her womb and Faith Unlocks was born.

She had a vision. A clear one placed on her by God.

Faith Unlocks is an international radio show that will speak on universal topics including but not limited to life, love, intimacy, spirituality, religion, faith, prophetic activation,  and more. Faith Unlocks will air LIVE every Monday from 9 to 10PM EST. Click HERE to listen live.  During this hour, folks are able to listen in and call 312-527-4968 for an interactive dialogue about the show topic. We will have awesome guests; therefore, I urge you to join us every Monday at 9 PM sharp. There will be games, prizes, and giveaways, so I challenge you to join in.

I look forward to this journey with each and every one of you.

Yours Truly,


Faith Unlocks promotes excellence while creating a unique community resource, one that promotes connections, fosters a sense of belonging, and provides space to those typically lacking media access.. Our mission is to strengthen and enrich communities by broadcasting programming that is motivating, empowering, educational and. inspiring

We will feature guests that promote diversity, tolerance, and freedom of expression.

We will maintain a focus to share opinions and outlooks about all things, but specifically spirituality, religion, music, arts, culture, and current events.

We will serve the people of our community by providing outlets for their creative skills and energies.

We will seek to entertain, stimulate, and challenge listeners.


The vision of Faith Unlocks is to build a community, a loyal and growing international audience, and an engaged and educated citizenry by providing the highest quality of free-forming programming that broadcasts entertainment, music, news, thoughts, sounds, and ideas that support free speech, diversity.

The ongoing ripple-effect of sustaining Faith Unlocks is to expand a dedicated listener base that embraces and supports Faith Unlocks because they believe our work enriches and improves their lives,  strengthens communities, and makes our world a better place.